The airbnb superhost 

program is a joke !


Would you hire a property manager with experience from only 10-15 guest stays? 

There are so many reasons why the Airbnb superhost program is just wrong.

I've rented vacation homes since more than 5 years, but I'm not a super host. I'm a 4,5 star host and will never be a superhost because of the amount of bookings I receive. Last year I welcomed more than 250 Airbnb guests to my private home. I’ve seen very few superhosts with more than 40-50 bookings as sooner or later the bad or less good reviews will appear, it’s a matter of statistics.

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There is a share of people who will never be happy or give 5 star reviews no matter how much you do for them. There is also a share of people who are mean or difficult. Furthermore, with a high number of bookings the risk of something going wrong is higher, also things totally out of the hosts control. For this reason, I believe it's getting more and more difficult to maintain the superhost status as the number of bookings (and experience) increases.


Luck instead of skills

Still, hosts with only a few bookings and a few good reviews (you only need 10 reviews) are getting the superhost status, meaning they get a lot of advantages (super host badge, priority support, product exclusives and travel coupons). I mean, when you’re hosting several hundred guests a year with a great result it’s pretty lame to be put on hold when calling Airbnb because some random "superhost" with maybe 10-15 bookings has priority.

With only 10 reviews required it’s rather easy for new hosts to earn the superhost status. To base the superhost status on only 10 reviews makes system way too random (luck instead of skills) and leads to an inflation of inexperienced superhosts who loses their status the next round. 

It's not difficult at all to earn the superhost status. It's difficult to keep it over time. 

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Airbnb superhost benefits

The Airbnb superhost benefits includes priority placement and visibility in Airbnb search. Superhosts will also get a badge and if a host keeps his / her superhost status for one year, they will get a $100 coupon. Furthermore, superhosts earn more than other hosts. See more info on the Airbnb superhost requirements here


Superhost properties - more professionalized and more hotel like

On the other end of the scale you have "superhosts" hardly touching their properties nor interacting with their guests. There is a trend those hosts actually keeping their superhost status over time are more acting like professional property managers rather than private hosts. Many "superhosts" are outsourcing most of the work related to their Airbnb property to professional firms, including cleaning, calendar management, bookings, communication with guests and key delivery. 

"First of all, Airbnb – the same company that built its brand as one that helps retirees rent out their spare room in order to keep the house they could no longer afford – is finally admitting that a good number of people actually don’t want to do all of the work it takes to manage an Airbnb. A Superhost is a small business. But an experienced Superhost looking to add properties? That is an aspiring mini-hotelier, and in the vacation rental world, we call them vacation rental managers. They are businesses, they do this for a living, and they do it well." That noise you can hear is self-management dying on Airbnb and vacation rentals.

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By renting from superhosts you’re getting the best properties, or….?

The system rewards a hosts total performance instead of individual properties. Some guests are using the super host filter to find what they think are the best properties. Let's say you're renting a great apartment that gets 5 star reviews more than 90% of the time. In addition, you're renting one or two small rooms in your flat that are typical 4,5 star listings. The apartment is a great choice for those who wants the very best, but many potential guests will probably not consider it because you're not a super host. 

Since the system is based on the hosts total performance instead of individuals listing performance, people who are using the super host filter are not necessarily getting the best properties.


Would you hire a property manager with experience from only 10-15 guest stays?

Airbnb has now launched a brand new section of the Airbnb website incentivizing real estate owners to list their spaces and let them be managed by superhosts. In other words, Airbnb is now planning to do what many property management companies are doing (like Airsorted, Hostmaker or BNBsitter), but using superhosts as property managers. 

The question is would you hire a property manager with experience from as little as 10 guest stays?  Would you trust this person to be responsible for marketing and management of several properties? Obviously Airbnb means a random host renting a few times a year with a few good reviews is more qualified than people with real long term experience from vacation rental management. 

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