For Airbnb owners - coping with COVID-19

With the international traveling restrictions that have been imposed and travelers canceling trips, you might feel worried about what lies ahead for your business. The COVID-19 outbreak is causing disruptions to our daily lives, but staying calm and informed will do more good than to panic.  

To help you ease your anxiety and support your business growth in these hard times, we’ve put together useful resources and checklists.


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A Crash Course in Airbnb Long-term Rentals for Your Property

With most hosts experiencing a drop in bookings due to the coronavirus pandemic, Airbnb long-term rentals are becoming a more stable hosting strategy. Find out about the pros and cons of Airbnb long-term rentals and how to make your property long-term friendly. Read more here


COVID-19 Safety & Precautionary Checklists for Your Airbnb Rental

Taking necessary precautions and keeping your rental safe and clean must be at the top of your priority list now. Be sure to protect yourself and your guests by utilizing these comprehensive checklists.


How to market your Vacation rental property to Domestic Travelers

Modifying the marketing strategy to cater to a more specific audience is necessary to overcome the challenges of the current tourism slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Share tips on how to market vacation rental property to domestic travelers to keep the business flow steady. Read more here


7 Strategies to Sustain Your Vacation Rental Business Growth

Being adaptive to the changes is crucial for making your way through these hard times. Even though your revenue might decrease, it’s not the time to shut down your business. By implementing these 7 strategies, you will be able to put your business in a much better position.

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Some thoughts on how to increase your Airbnb revenue in the event of a pandemic like COVID-19.

Airbnb cleaning guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19

We know that many of Airbnb hosts continue to host right now, whether that means opening up your home for longer stays, welcoming local guests, or offering housing to medical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus (COVID-19) response. If you’re continuing to host, it’s important to revisit your cleaning routine to make sure you’re doing what you can to protect yourself and your guests. From disinfecting to stocking the right supplies, here’s what you need to know.


Airbnb alternatives

  • Flipkey by Tripadisor Flipkey by Tripadisor

    Tripadvisor is the largest travel site in the world with millions of users worldwide.  Tripadvisor is a m u st join for any vacation rental owner wanting more bookings. Tripadvisor has just launced it's free-to-list program, making it possible for private and professional...

  • Hotelscombined Hotelscombined

    Hotel search engine with also a wide range of apartments offered. This site searches through all majord accommodation sites and always returns the best price. Hosts can add their properties for free, guests gets a price guarantee on bookings.  After making your search, use the filter...

  • Homestays Homestays, one of the largest hotel search engines in the world, has just lauched it's own Homestay section to compete with Airbnb and other similar concepts. It's free for vacation rental owners to add their properties and travelers can search among 10 000's of Homestays worldwide.  GO TO...

  • Homestay Homestay is a worldwide booking platform where anyone can book a homestay including tourists, leisure travellers, students, interns, people relocating for work or those who simply want to experience local culture and meet local people when they travel.

  • VRBO / Homeaway VRBO / Homeaway

    VRBO is on of the most popular vacation rental sites in the US with over more than 1 million listings. You can rent everything from cabins & condos to castles or villas. 

Beginners guide to Airbnb

  • 12 Tips for First-Time Airbnb Travelers 12 Tips for First-Time Airbnb Travelers

    by Noel McCarthy, Sterifab Staff Writer   “To travel is to live”, said Hans Christian Anderson. And he was right. And there’s no better way than to become an Airbnb traveler. Airbnb is an exciting (and cost-effective) way to see the world. To visit those cities you’ve only heard...

  • What are Airbnb service fees What are Airbnb service fees

    The Airbnb service fee is a percentage of each confirmed booking charged by Airbnb to provide services like 24/7 customer support and credit card processing. The Airbnb service fee consits of 2 parts:  The Airbnb host service fee The Airbnb Guest service fee In addition comes Fees for...

  • Airbnb amenities that should be provided to guests Airbnb amenities that should be provided to guests

    Here are our top tips of items you should always provide your Airbnb guests, room by room:  GENERAL: A house manual. Print out a brief guide to how all the things in your home work. Include info on the check out procedure, nearby places to eat, interesting things to see, shops, etc A guest...

  • How to become a member of Airbnb How to become a member of Airbnb

    1) Sign up with Airbnb. It’s fast and easy to sign up with Airbnb. You can connect with your Facebook profile or your email. For travellers: Use this link and get a $ BONUS when listing your property See also: How do I get my house on Airbnb? 2) Profile details. Fill out your profile and include...

  • How do I get my house on Airbnb How do I get my house on Airbnb

    Many people ask us “How do I get my house on Airbnb?”. By following the simple steps below you’ll have your property listed in minutes. We’ll also tell you how to avoid the most common pitfalls for new hosts. Sign up with Airbnb. It’s fast and easy to sign up with Airbnb. You can connect with your...

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